Senior Leadership

Dr Jerome Hric MD CEO of Onsite Neonatal Partners Neonatology Group

Jerome J. Hric, MD, FAAP

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Karen Breuer

President and Chief Financial Officer

Connie Andrejko, DO, MSHQS, CPE, IBCLC, FAAP

Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs

Kimberly Costello, DO, CPE, FAAP

Executive Director of Strategic Relationships
NICU Director, St. Luke's University Health Network

Jonathan P. Mintzer, MD, FAAP

Executive Director of Quality Improvement
Medical Director, Well-Baby and Special Care Nursery
Mountainside Medical Center

Brittany Reid, MD, FAAP

Executive Director of Community Connections
NICU Director, JFK Medical Center

Kiran Bhat, MD

Executive Director of Clinical Services
NICU Director, Pascack Valley Medical Center

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