We have been working alongside Onsite Neonatal Partners for five years now, and it has been both a benefit to our community and a wonderful experience for our Associates and medical staff. The neonatologists have provided top-quality care for our patients, and their willingness to support our team has been exceptional.

Sebastian Headshot

Rachel Sebastian
Vice President, Operations
Northwestern Medicine

Since 2014, St. Luke’s chooses Onsite because it provides a high quality level of service.  It’s very obvious that Onsite is founded on solid principles, and when you are well intended and driven by the right principles, both organizations benefit from a win-win relationship. Onsite clearly helps us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


Jared King
Vice President of Specialty Services
St. Luke’s University Health Network

The addition of Onsite physicians to our team has improved our ability to provide the highest level of safe, quality care to our patients.  Their presence allows 24/7 access for emergencies, collaboration and education with the nursing staff, and open communication and care-planning with our Maternal Fetal Medicine team.  We are confident that our babies will receive excellent care within our facility!

Deena Knight is the Director of Maternal Child Health at Bon Secours Health, a partner hospital of Onsite Neonatal

Deena Knight
Director, Maternal Child Services
Bon Secours Health System

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner Onsite Neonatal has remained reliable, professional and has continued to work in conjunction with our team. Our priority remains to provide a safe, quality experience for all new parents and babies delivering at Pascack Valley Medical Center. Onsite Neonatal physicians continue to provide that experience for all of our patients.

Emily Holliman is CEO of Pascack Valley Medical Center and a long time partner of our national neonatal group

Emily Holliman
Chief Executive Office
Pascack Vallery Medical Center

Achieving [Level III] designation in our NICU is an indication of our elevated standard of neonatal care, and it is a reflection of the commitment we have made through the years of delivering the highest quality of medical care to all newborn infants in Longview and the surrounding communities in East Texas.


Casey Robertson
Chief Executive Office
Longview Regional Medical Center

From the very beginning I always knew this was the best decision for our staff and our patients. Staff confidence and skill level has just skyrocketed. I attribute that to the partnership between Onsite physicians and our staff.

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Lori Filock
Director, Maternal Child Services
UnityPoint Methodist Hospital

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