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Union Hospital Grows NICU ADC by 55% Through Commitment to Quality and Leadership

Onsite Neonatal partner Unionh Hospital in Terre Haute IN

Posted by Onsite Neonatal Partners, 10/11/18


Union Hospital in Terra Haute, Indiana is home to a 15-bed Level IIIb Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), making them one of the region’s premier facilities for neonatal care. However, they were searching for ways to grow their neonatal market share to utilize their bed space despite serving a region with no significant population increases.


In an effort to provide the highest level of care for their patients, Union Hospital made the decision to switch from an on call model to 24/7 in house coverage by Neonatologists with Onsite Neonatal Partners. In addition to quality improvements, choosing Onsite also provided the leadership and cohesive work environment that was needed to develop a strong NICU team and build the confidence of Union Hospital’s team members. With a high performing, effective NICU in place that provided 24/7 in house Neonatologists, Onsite’s leadership team then forged strong relationships with local Obstetricians earning their confidence and trust to deliver more acute, high-risk babies at Union Hospital.

“Onsite Provides consistency. This partnership has allowed us to continue to achieve quality outcomes that are sustainable. The ancillary staff and the nursing staff partner with the physicians and advance practice providers to create an environment that is trusting and promotes teamwork.”-Jaimee Goodman, Director of Maternal Child Services


As a result of their decision to partner with Onsite Neonatal Partners, Union Hospital’s NICU team has increased the average daily NICU census in 2018 55% from Quarter 1 (8.8) to Quarter 3 (13.7).

Union Hospital increases NICU ADC after partnering with Onsite Neonatal
Union Hospital’s Quarterly NICU Average Daily Census

Who This Benefits

  • Parents are able to remain close to their support systems of family and friends. This also eliminates long, expensive, time consuming commutes back and forth from the hospital.
  • Fragile Newborns are closer to their families. This maximizes the potential bonding time between the infant and parents. Studies show that parent-preterm infant closeness during hospitalization, particularly skin-to-skin contact with the mother may be crucial to the well-being of the newborn.
  • Obstetricians are providing better, more streamlined care to their patients by seeing them from start to finish. They are able to maintain the physician-patient relationship from prenatal care, to birth, to postpartum care.
  • Hospitals are able to offer a higher level of care to their community. This in turn attracts parents to the hospital and decreases transports.


About Onsite Neonatal Partners

Onsite Neonatal Partners has been serving hospitals and their communities since 1996 providing cost effective, 24/7 in house coverage by Neonatologists. Driven by evidence-based medicine and inspired by the principles of excellence, passion, and love, Onsite has risen to become one of the largest neonatology practices in the country. Visit www.onsiteneonatal.com to learn more about partnering with Onsite.

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