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Onsite’s Partner, Union Hospital, Celebrates 50 Years of NICU Miracles

Onsite Neonatal Partners neonatologists at Union Hospital in Terre Haute IN
Union Hospital's Neonatology Director Dr. Daniel Bruzzini consulting with his team.

Terra Haute, Indiana September 17, 2018

“The NICU continues to grow at one local hospital. News 10’s Abby Kirk explains how new devices have helped parents of newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit or “NICU” at Union Hospital. Parents who have been in a NICU have probably noticed all of the machines that surround them and their baby. Thanks to the latest devices, saving a tiny human looks a lot different in 2018. When it opened in 1968, the intensive care unit in downtown Terra Haute used tubes to feed babies in incubators. We had two extraordinary physicians, Dr. Thomas Conway and Dr. William Scully who knew that we had a problem and were looking for ways to solve that problem and improve the outcomes for babies…” (Click the video below to hear the full story.)

(Video produced and published by WTHI-TV10)

Onsite Neonatal Partners partnered with Union Hospital in 2015. Our team has worked side by side with the hospital to grow the neonatal intensive care unit, increasing the average daily NICU census from 11 to 16 (45%). Join us in celebrating 50 years of NICU miracles in Terra Haute, as well as continued growth and development for these fragile newborns. For more information about partnering with Onsite Neonatal Partners please contact us at [email protected].

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