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Onsite Shows Their Appreciation for Nurses

“Nurses are the heart of healthcare.” -Donna Wilk Cardillo

Every year during the month of May, we take a week to honor and show appreciation towards Nurses. Our clinicians, patients, and families sincerely appreciate the dedication and hard work our nurses show every day. In honor of Nurse Appreciation Week, we asked some of our medical executive team members to share how their NICU nursing staff deliver outstanding, heart-felt care to the tiniest of patients. Here is what they had to say:

Dr. Sue Miller from St. Francis Eastside Hospital (SFE)

“At SFE, our nurses go to great lengths to help families feel like they haven’t missed a special moment with their babies. They make a Milestone ribbon showing every achievement the baby has made. We are so lucky to have such caring nurses!”

Dr. Kim Costello from St. Luke’s

“I greatly appreciate the dedication and creativity of our NICU nursing staff at St. Luke’s. This fun reminder to maintain midline position for IVH prevention in our micro-preemies was created by our nurse, Tasha Hixson, and is just one example of their thoughtfulness. Thank you for all you do!”

Dr. Brittany Reid from Hackensack JFK Medical Center

“Our NICU and nursery nurses are simply a joy to work with and I greatly appreciate their devotion to our newborns and the families we work with. Thank you for your hard work, honesty, and support. Happy Nurses Week!”

To our beloved nurses, Happy Nurses’ Appreciation Week!

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