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Onsite Partner Hospital Longview Regional Medical Center Achieves Texas Level III NICU designation

Onsite Neonatal Partner hospital Longview Regional Medical Center
A view of the entrance to Longview Regional Medical Center in Longview, TX.

(This article originally published in the Longview News-Journal)

Longview, TX

Longview Regional Medical Center achieved several accomplishments in the past year, officials say, such as receiving its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Level III designation from the state of Texas.

The medical center now has a medical team in place to take care of babies born before 32 weeks’ gestation who weigh a little more than three pounds, critically ill newborns and newborns who depend on breathing equipment to help them stay alive.

“We are the only facility in the greater Northeast Texas region to offer maternal fetal medicine for high risk pregnancies,” said Libby Bryson, the hospital’s spokeswoman. “LRMC offers a 21-bed, Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to provide quality care for newborns and their families; we are also the only facility that provides 24/7 in-house neonatology coverage to patients.”

The new center is just one example of the improving quality of care Longview Regional offers East Texans, she said, also citing its “highly engaged and committed clinical staff.”

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Recently renovated NICU at Onsite Neonatal Partner hospital Longview Regional
A recently renovated nursery room at Longview Regional Medical Center.

Onsite Neonatal Partners partnered with Longview Regional Medical Center in April of 2017 to help improve the quality of their neonatal program. This article covers our recent joint accomplishment of achieving a Texas Level III NICU designation, as well as many other hospital achievements. The article was originally published in the Longview News-Journal on June 17, 2018.

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