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Onsite Neonatologist Reunites With 24-Week Preemie

Onsite Neonatal Partners neonatologist at Shore Medical Center reunites with NICU preemie and family

The best ending to any story is a happy one, and that is exactly what everyone experienced during a recent reunion at Shore Medical Center in Somers Point, NJ. The Onsite Neonatal Partners team was able to celebrate the remarkable story of one of the smallest babies ever born at Shore.

Like every family, Ron and Andrea Koons expected their daughter, Olivia Grace, to arrive into the world uneventfully and on time. After some unexpected complications arose during the 24th week of pregnancy, the Koons quickly went to Shore Medical Center to seek medical attention. Shortly after arrival, plans were put in place to transport Andrea to another facility, but it became clear that Olivia needed to be delivered immediately in order to survive.

Thanks to the 24/7 in-house model championed by Onsite Neonatal Partners, an experienced neonatologist was in the hospital and prepared to handle the high-risk delivery. Dr. Smart Uko, Director of Neonatology at Shore Medical Center, immediately rallied his team to stabilize Olivia and prepare the premie for a safe transport. Thanks to the immediate availability of highly trained and experienced providers, Olivia Grace was given the care she needed to survive despite the overwhelmingly negative odds.

You can read the original article to learn more about the Koons’s story.

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