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Holiday Wishes from the Onsite Executive Team

The holiday season is in full swing! As everyone is preparing to celebrate, the executive team members at Onsite Neonatal Partners want to share some holiday sentiments and wish you all a healthy, happy holiday and a wonderful New Year. 

Jerry Hric, MD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“The true meaning of Christmas centers around a loving God humbly manifesting himself as a baby in a manger who became the “Great Physician” to minister to our physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Analogously, the “Onsite Family” humbly serves our patients and families through living out our vision statement: “We optimize the physical, emotional and spiritual health of families.” We value all family members regardless of color, gender, age, religion, educational background, social status, political beliefs, and health insurance status. We treat every family as if they were our family! May you and your family experience the love, peace, joy, and forgiveness of God during this holiday season!”

Karen Breuer

President and Chief Financial Officer

“As a child, my family and I walked to my Grandma’s each Christmas Eve. The nights were cold, and the snow was deep. The sky was black, and the journey seemed long. HOWEVER, what I remember is not cold or dark or dreary. What I remember is the warmth of my family’s love, the brightness of the stars, and the anticipation of the joy-filled night to come. May you experience love and joy in abundance this holiday season, and may 2022 sparkle with anticipation of everything good!”

Rosemary Bain

Vice President of Finance

“The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. I love watching my children believe in the magic of the season, spending time with those closest to me, participating in holiday events and traditions, and the overall feeling of warmth and love. Friends and family are what truly make this season special. As another year ends, I want to wish everyone the joy of family, the happiness of friends, and the wonder of the holiday season. May the year ahead bring you even more blessings.”

Constance Andrejko, DO, MSHQS, CPE, IBCLC, FAAP

Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs

“The holidays are a good time to pause and appreciate the goodness that is around us. Onsite Neonatal is especially grateful to care for newborns and their families in our communities. We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.”

Donna Fitzgerald

Administrative Director

“Holidays have always been a special time for me. My husband and I both come from large families. We also have a large family ourselves. Getting together to see everyone was something we looked forward to. It was fun, enjoyable, and nice to be with our families during this festive time. We always split Christmas Eve and Christmas Day between our respective parents. What I remember most was the simplicity of bringing these visits together, especially when the kids were younger. As the children grew older and eventually had kids of their own, the day’s logistics took on a whole new meaning. To this day, it brings me so much joy and happiness that we can get together and spend time in each other’s company. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy 2022.”

Kimberly Costello, DO, CPE, FAAP

Executive Director of Strategic Relationships

“Every year, I take time to reflect on all of the babies and families whom I cared for the previous year and in years past. Their strength and kindness truly humble me. Please take time this season to reconnect with those close to you and reflect on the lessons you have learned. Wishing all of our patients and families a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. May 2022 be filled with joy and peace.”

Susan Miller, MD, FAAP

Executive Director of Team Engagement

“Our family tradition is to buy a new ornament each year. The ornament has a special story; it can be from a new city we lived in, an important hobby that year, a special vacation, or even a photo of a loved one who had passed. We have so much fun decorating the Christmas tree and sharing the stories behind each ornament. This holiday season, I hope that we all can spend time with those we love, laugh together over old memories, and continue to create beautiful new memories! Happy holidays!”

Brittany Reid, MD, FAAP

Executive Director of Community Connections

“Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s a time of joy when my spirit is full of warmth, and I can create some of the most special memories with my family. As 2021 comes to a close, I want to wish everyone a blessed holiday – one full of love, peace, and happiness. May 2022 bring the positive change you desire.”

Jonathan Mintzer, MD

Executive Director of Quality Improvement

“May the coming year be filled with health, happiness, light, and love to you and yours. All the best of smiles, warmth, and joy in 2022!”

From everyone here at Onsite Neonatal Partners, Happy Holidays!

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