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Families Celebrate with Onsite Providers at Recent NICU Reunion

Happy parents and healthy baby at NICU reunion with Onsite Neonatal Partners
Gabby and Patrick Jones with their daughter, Cecilia, a Longview NICU graduate

Onsite is happy to celebrate with partner hospital Longview Regional Medical Center on the success of their 4th annual NICU Reunion. Families came to see the NICU staff and share with Onsite providers how their children were doing.

Gabby and Patrick Jones were some of the parents in attendance, sharing with the Longview News Journal about their daughter, Cecilia, and her 108 day stay in the NICU. Cecilia was born prematurely and suffered from a brain bleed, along with poor kidney and liver function. Gabby said it was “heartbreaking” to leave her baby in the hospital, but she was grateful for the care Cecilia was receiving from neonatologists and other members of the NICU staff.

Dr. Telema Nga, Onsite neonatologist and NICU Director at Longview Regional, oversaw the care for baby Cecilia. “Premature births, like Cecilia’s, can be an emotional experience for families because they are unsure how the baby will fare if the child is so premature and sick,” said Dr. Nga. She added that, “the role of NICU staff is to help parents as they face these challenges and do what is best for the babies.”

Healthy NICU baby with NICU director at Longview Regional Medical Center NICU reunion and Onsite Neonatal Partners physician
Dr. Nga and NICU graduate Eva Gutierrez at Longview NICU Reunion

Onsite providers are committed to practicing evidence-based medicine that improves outcomes for our patients and keeps mothers and babies together. Our core teams at each of our partner hospitals are comprised of the some of the most compassionate and skilled neonatologists, pediatricians, and advanced practice providers in the country.

For more information about the event, and for more Onsite family success stories, click here to read the original article.

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