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Female leaders on Onsite's executive team

Onsite Neonatal Highlights Women in Medicine and Leadership

Every March we honor Women’s History Month and celebrate the impact women have had in society. The field of healthcare has been specifically and uniquely impacted by women as their roles changed and evolved throughout history. We have come a long way—from women being unable to enroll in medical school, to now becoming CEOs and

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The Fontana family at home after their stay in an Onsite NICU

Mother of Preemie Twins Speaks Out About NICU Family Experience

The healthcare industry has seen several rapid shifts in recent years due to the increasing “consumerization” of healthcare as a whole. At the center of this change in landscape is the topic of patient experience, and the practices that produce a great experience—or a terrible one. In the neonatal and pediatric fields, patient experience is

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Healthcare leaders meeting to discuss the impacts of emotional intelligence on neonatology

Why Your Neonatologist Needs Emotional Intelligence to Improve Outcomes

Every day, women and families across the world deal with complications during what may have otherwise seemed like a normal pregnancy. With 1 in 10 babies being delivered prematurely, how is an expectant family supposed to prepare for a situation they don’t fully understand? Given the high risk of very-low birth weight babies, how are

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