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January is National Birth Defects Awareness Month

Being pregnant is an exciting time, but it can be unpredictable like everything in life. Birth defects are any abnormality that is present at birth. They can be the result of genetic differences or environmental exposures. They are fairly common – in fact, 3-4% of babies are born with some birth defect each year. They can involve almost any

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Holiday Wishes from the Onsite Executive Team

The holiday season is in full swing! As everyone is preparing to celebrate, the executive team members at Onsite Neonatal Partners want to share some holiday sentiments and wish you all a healthy, happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.  Jerry Hric, MD Founder and Chief Executive Officer “The true meaning of Christmas centers around

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TOP 10 Going-Home Tips for NICU Parents

When you are bringing your newborn home from the hospital, NICU parents can experience a mix of emotions. Parents can be happy and excited to finally have their baby coming home but nervous about not having the neonatal team to answer questions. Today we are sharing ten tips to make the transition from the hospital to your new life at home a little easier.   1. Understand your baby’s home needs  Your baby

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What does “Safe Sleep” mean?

When placing your child to sleep, caregivers need to practice safe sleeping methods. Safe sleep means putting your baby to bed in a way that prevents choking, suffocation, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In honor of October being safe sleep month, Onsite’s Dr. Brittany Reid shares more about how families can practice safe sleeping habits.  Look at the pictures below – Which one seems like a safe sleep environment for an infant?  The correct

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Keeping Your Little Ones Safe

Taking your newborn home from the hospital can be a scary and overwhelming experience, especially your firstborn. Parents want to do everything they can to keep their newborns safe. In honor of Baby Safety Month in September, Onsite is sharing some helpful tips to protect your baby.  Baby Safety for the Car  Even though driving in the car is part of our daily routine,

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Breastfeeding Q & A with Onsite’s Dr. Brittany Reid

August is National Breastfeeding Month! As mothers prepare for childbirth, they think about the importance of breastfeeding for the health of their baby. Onsite’s Dr. Brittany Reid answers some questions about breastfeeding that she is often asked as a neonatologist. Breastfeeding is valuable for both mothers and babies – it facilitates bonding and provides a

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UV Awareness Month: Dos and Don’ts of Newborn Skin Care

Summer is in full swing as we move into July. Across the country, COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, and summer activities are making a big comeback. Barbeques, beach trips, hiking, and picnics, to name a few. This means people are starting to spend extra time soaking in the sunshine. Skincare is important for everyone, but

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A Father’s Day Special: Words from a NICU Dad

Parents can experience overwhelming emotions and heavy burdens when having a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As we approach Father’s Day this weekend, Onsite wants to bring attention to a particular person who may not get recognized enough, the NICU Dad. Onsite’s Dr. Brittany Reid sat down and talked with one of

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Onsite’s Dr. Sue Miller Discusses Human Dignity on BSMHealth PAUSE Session

Each morning, team members across the Bon Secours Mercy Health network join together to pause, connect, and reflect. During these short “PAUSE” sessions, guest speakers discuss topics such as human dignity, thankfulness, safety, and humility. This Monday, Onsite’s very own Dr. Sue Miller joined the live stream to share a bit about her story and

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