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A Father’s Day Special: Words from a NICU Dad

Parents can experience overwhelming emotions and heavy burdens when having a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As we approach Father’s Day this weekend, Onsite wants to bring attention to a particular person who may not get recognized enough, the NICU Dad. Onsite’s Dr. Brittany Reid sat down and talked with one of

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Onsite’s Dr. Sue Miller Discusses Human Dignity on BSMHealth PAUSE Session

Each morning, team members across the Bon Secours Mercy Health network join together to pause, connect, and reflect. During these short “PAUSE” sessions, guest speakers discuss topics such as human dignity, thankfulness, safety, and humility. This Monday, Onsite’s very own Dr. Sue Miller joined the live stream to share a bit about her story and

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Woman focusing on mental and emotional health during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Emotional Wellness During the Pandemic: Resources for Healthcare Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-reaching effects on everything from the global economy, to your local health system, and our day-to-day routines. With many US states mandating people stay at home and practice social distancing, it can easily feel like our lives have been turned upside down. All this change, combined with fear about the

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Can the Bible Teach Hospitals to Improve Patient Experience? 5 Lessons from “The Great Physician.”

Patient Experience, not to be confused with patient satisfaction, has become a critical goal for hospitals and health systems, and a key driver for national healthcare reform. The best, simple definition for patient experience is: “everything we say and do that affects our patients’ thoughts, feelings, and well-being.” Why is patient experience important? Not only

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