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A Letter from Onsite’s CEO on National Doctor’s Day

Dear colleagues,

Since 1933, Americans have taken the time to celebrate and appreciate our talented and dedicated physicians across the U.S.A.  Here at Onsite Neonatal Partners, I would like to recognize how special and significant you are to the Onsite Family, our hospital clients, and the families of their communities.

Non-physicians cannot conceptualize the amount of time, effort, costs, and sacrifices required of you regarding college, medical school, residency, fellowship, and the practice of medicine.  The countless hours you studied for endless tests, MCATs, and boards throughout training and certification.  And consider your sacrifices regarding being away from your spouse, children, friends, and activities.  There is also the impact of interrupted, minimal, or no sleep required while practicing medicine.  We all know that babies are no respecter of our time or sleep!  Please do not interpret any of the above as whining, complaining, or bragging.  The process has been very difficult, and my desire is to recognize, celebrate, honor, and thank you on this Doctor’s Day from the bottom of my heart.

On National Doctor’s Day, I also want to recognize all of the unique physicians who make up Onsite and your unwavering commitment to our Vision, Mission, and Values.  At Onsite, “we equip physicians to meet the needs of the body, mind, and soul of families.” Each day, you positively impact families and their communities with Onsite’s unique approach to caring for babies 24/7/365.  As you care for the most fragile infants and children, your dedicated approach to delivering world-class clinical outcomes, family-centered care, and exceptional customer service is noticed and appreciated each day.

I am blessed to have attentive, cooperative, selfless, skillful, friendly, and confident physicians representing Onsite Neonatal.  Thank you for helping optimize the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our families!

Go M.A.D.!  (Make A Difference)

Jerry Hric M.D.

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