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Hear what our team members have to say about working with Onsite

I have been working with onsite for over 5 years. Working with Onsite enables me to have a good work life balance. There is great teamwork and the schedule works out well with family. I have amazing coworkers who help me when I need a schedule switch or any other related things at work.

Suzanne Bijou, NNP

Working for Onsite Neonatal Partners has significantly improved my work-life balance, allowing me to excel in my professional role while still having ample time for my family and personal interests. The supportive and flexible environment here truly empowers me to achieve a fulfilling and balanced life.

Mike Gorham, Business Development

I enjoy working with Onsite for the work life balance, flexibility, and as a director the feeling of ownership.

Ramzi Kilani, MD

You are well compensated for every hour you dedicate to your work.

Kathy McDonald, MD

I have been with Onsite since 2011, and this was the best decision that I made career-wise. Being part of the team that follows a cohesive environment and culture from top down, and most important thing is that it feels like a big family. You have every opportunity and help in exceeding your set goals. There are times that you are in situations that is beyond ones control and help is always a phone call away. You always stay positive, and make difference in families that you come across everyday and always look forward, for me each year has been better than the previous year.

Girish Gowda, MD

Joining Onsite 4 years ago was the best career decision I have ever made. Onsite is an admirable combination: a well-managed organization that works hard to improve clinical outcomes while treating its physicians with respect and humanity. I am constantly astounded by the genuine concern and appreciation shown by our leadership, a rare quality in a large healthcare company. If I am lucky, I will finish my career with Onsite.

Adrian Gresores, MD

I know I’m making a difference in these families’ lives, and that is of paramount importance to me as a physician.

Liz Pleickhardt, DO

Our staffing model, and the personal time it affords, encourages every neonatologist to pursue quality improvement, continuing education, and other endeavors that grow our clinical expertise.

Connie Andrejko, DO

There is exceptional organization within the company and strategic plans for growth and development.  There are monthly educational lectures, conferences, and video meetings to keep everyone current on the latest neonatal practices.  I love being part of the Onsite family!

Tanya Newlove, NNP

I love working for Onsite. I get to watch my daughter grow up. How many other jobs will let you do that?

Chris Hsu, MD

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