Consulting Program

Onsite Neonatal Partners
Consulting Program

Onsite Neonatal Partners builds comprehensive neonatology programs with our partner hospitals to deliver the highest level of quality newborn care and customer service. With over 25 years of experience, we understand the integrated system needed for creating outstanding neonatal outcomes and positive family experiences.  

Onsite Neonatal Partners Consulting assists your current team to meet your hospital’s goals. Whether you want to support growth or acuity in the unit, increase your state’s level of care designation, or simply improve quality, Onsite Consulting provides the tools and expertise to advance your unit forward.

A Shared Vision

Our customized approach to each hospital partner makes Onsite Consulting valuable. We perform a full assessment of your neonatal program and offer evidence-based recommendations and solutions for equipment, clinical topics, and workflows. Hospitals have ongoing access to Onsite’s library of nursing policies, educational videos, and clinical practice guidelines. We also provide support through Onsite’s quality programs, which assist our partner hospitals to carry out their improvement initiatives.

We recognize every hospital is unique. Our       consultants work directly with your team to             provide comprehensive analysis, guidance, and        clinical support.

Kiran Bhat, MD
Executive Director of Clinical Services

Our consulting services include:

Program Assessment and Recommendations

  • Environment and equipment on-site assessment
  • Physician, nursing, and ancillary staff interviews
  • Policy, protocol, order set review
  • State-specific application assistance for a higher level of nursery care
  • Summary report and calendar of implementation

Clinical Resources

  • Care maps
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Continuing education offerings
  • Educational videos
  • NRP & STABLE classes
  • Nursing policies

Quality Improvement Tools

  • Case reviews from quality review committee
  • Creation of dashboards for quality reporting
  • Design and implementation of quality improvement projects
  • Multidisciplinary simulations
  • New program and service line development

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