Case Studies

Case studies play a pivotal role in advancing neonatal care by offering a detailed examination of specific patient experiences and outcomes. These in-depth analyses provide valuable insights into the complexities of neonatal conditions, treatment strategies, and the efficacy of interventions.

Additionally, case studies aid in refining and optimizing protocols and procedures, ultimately improving the quality of care provided to fragile newborns. In neonatal care, where every decision is critical, the knowledge derived from comprehensive case studies becomes an indispensable resource for enhancing clinical practices and, most importantly, ensuring the best possible outcomes for newborns in need of specialized care.

St luke's university health network NICU wins awards for quality and culture thanks to onsite neonatal partners

St. Luke's University Health Network NICU Wins Awards for Quality and Culture

St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) has always been recognized for the quality care they provide to patients across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Consistent with their system-wide initiatives to improve community health, the Level III NICU team at St. Luke’s in Bethlehem, PA, identified opportunities to improve patient outcomes, drive team engagement, and strengthen overall staff culture.

Texas hospital longview regional medical center achieves level III NICU designation thanks to Onsite Neonatal Partners

Texas Hospital Longview Regional Medical Center Achieves Level III NICU Designation

In 2016, Texas legislators created a Perinatal Advisory Council which developed and recommended new criteria for designation of neonatal levels of care. Under the new law, any Texas hospital seeking to provide neonatal care for the community would be required to apply for, and pass, an extensive review based on the level of care they were seeking.

Leapfrog Case Study - Even if across the street

The Leapfrog Group: Transporting fragile infants puts their health at risk: even if "across the street"

For many women and families, childbirth marks one of life’s most important milestones. As a result, the quality of care mothers and babies receive in the hospital is critically important—especially when it comes to the most vulnerable newborns. When mothers are choosing a hospital for their birth experience, it is essential to provide an option with highly trained staff and specialized resources to ensure the best care—all day, every day.

Union Hospital Grows And Sustains NICU ADC Through Commitment To Quality And Leadership

Union Hospital in Terra Haute, IN is home to a 15- bed Level III NICU, making them one of the region’s premier facilities for neonatal care.  However, they were searching for ways to grow their neonatal market share to utilize their bed space despite serving a region with no significant population increases.

Improving outcomes through evidence-based care

Every Onsite partner hospital is taking part in quality improvement initiatives that save lives. Learn more about our Clinical Practice Guidelines and our commitment to evidence-based medicine.

All of the Onsite neonatal directors displaying their NICU QI projects
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